Free paper – Futures

This paper will reflect on the discipline of design, specifically from a critical and speculative position, and about its role in the configuration of the present and futures. It’s object of study the leadership of the technological sector in the foresights, enabled by the main role of the private sector that generates a strong ideological influence both in the academical and educational field, as well as in the collective unconscious. Starting from A/B Manifesto of Dunne & Raby (2009) and continuing with its further development in Speculative everything: design, fiction, and social dreaming (2013), Futures concept becomes object of study, thanks to the help of foresights experts as Joseph Voros. Through exposition of the topic and explanation of the possible futures, it will be concluded with a call to place again the mankind in the center of the debates, and it will be supported a critical design that is able and must contribute to build a better world that escapes from the dystopias we are approaching.
Palabras clave
Futuros, Diseño, Tecnología, Capitalismo, Utopía.



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